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Our Services

Blending AI into other emerging technologies.

Software Developer Working

Custom design and development

Developing specialized algorithms tailored to specific business needs.

Machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, NLP, speech recognition, big data, AI-enabled IoT, cybersecurity, space tech, robotics, AI for blockchain, AI in AR/VR technologies, edge AI, AI-driven cloud services, etc.

Business Team Meeting

Consulting and auditing Services

Providing consultation on integrating AI into existing systems, helping businesses identify new opportunities and challenges.

Revising existing systems and solutions and making sure they meet all the requirements, or regulations. Plus offering software testing services.

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Training and workshops

Offering training programs and workshops to upskill client teams in AI technologies and best practices.

Most of our trainings are done online, but can offer in-person training if the specific case requires it.

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We invest in a smaller number of high-potential companies where we join the company as a technological partner. We provide technological services in exchange for equity, like software development, system architecture and solutions, consulting, auditing, etc.

Some of Our Clients


Case Study: TrackSense by DecisionWorks

Client feedback on our work ethic: “Wow, you move quickly!! I like that.”

Publicly available video: https://vimeo.com/881068384

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Pricing and Service Models

Service models:

- Project-based: we agree on your requirements and the scope of the project and we develop and manage it with our internal team. Your only responsibility is to give us continuous feedback until we reach the final delivery.

- Staff Augmentation: we have a lot of extraordinary talent in-house, as well as in our talent pool. We outsource some of our team members when our internal projects require fewer experts. If we don’t have the talent in-house; we hire them for you faster than most companies do. Let it be one person or several. Managing these people is usually your responsibility, unless otherwise required and agreed on (we can provide project and team management for you).

- Dedicated Team: it is a mixture of project-based and staff augmentation models. You provide the details what you are building, what your requirements are, and we build a whole high performing team for you. The management is either shared or fully overseen by you. It is a great solution for companies that want to have a whole IT team, but still keeping the flexibility of up-, and downscaling dynamically.

Pricing models:

We usually use two pricing models for our services, but we are flexible.

- One is a dynamic hourly rate, based on the required resources for the project, but we have an initial in-depth estimation, so you have an understanding of the scope.

- The second is a fixed-price project where we estimate the total cost of the project plus adding a little bit of premium on top, it is required because we bear the risks of resource utilization, and slight changes to the project.

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Process of Working Together:

Project-based Service

1. Introduction: The Client reaches out to us

and we schedule an introduction/discovery


2. Scoping: After doing our background

research and having a call with the client,

we do additional research based on the

client's needs and present the project

concept to the client.

3. Estimation and pricing: We break down the

project into milestones and estimate the

project's timeline and expected costs.

6. Development: The product owner creates

user stories with the team from the backlog,

and goes through the phases of sprint planning

and execution, client demo, listening to the

client's feedback, and doing a sprint retrospective.

There is also detailed work reports and invoicing

provided at the end of the month.

7. Milestone delivery: We prepare a fully

testable beta product per milestone and we

have a mid-project alignment call with the

client to check if everything is on the right

track and make adjustments if needed.

4. Signing the contract: After agreeing on the

timelines and costs we create a contract,

send it for review to the client, and adjust it if


5. Development planning: We break down the

milestones into more detailed epics, features,

and backlog. We also assemble a project a

project development team and do a briefing.

8. Final delivery: We deploy the finalized

product/service to production and give access

to the source code while providing

documentation/user guides and training to

stakeholders. Finally, we have a project review

meeting with the client to gather feedback and

discuss the next steps or future development plans.

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